FLORES LTD, Skopje-Medicinal herbs & Essential oils

Flores D.O.O – Skopje is the first organic company in Republic of Macedonia.
The owners of the company are among the pioneers of the economical activity in ecologic field in Macedonia.
Our commitment is to collect and produce top quality products. Our strength is our youthful  and modern approach, plus the experience and support of pioneers that have dedicated over 18 years of their capacity and effort  to the development of the enormous richness of our natural products, creating exclusive know-how and positioning ourselves in a short time as a leading company in our industry.

The company provides the following categories of organic products

Wild fruits
Organic forest plants
·         Medicinal plants
·         Organic cultivated medicinal herbs

Wild fruits, mushrooms, medicinal plants growth in unspoiled nature, in extremely rich and various floras of the Macedonian forests.
The sun, the rich and clean waters, the diversity of the vegetation, all explain the special taste of these products.
The cultivated organic medicinal herbs like: Peppermint leafs, Marshmallow cut root and Thyme.

FLORES D.O.O is organic certified (EC)N 834/2007 and 889/2008 by Balkan Biocert Ltd in close cooperation with IMO,CH
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